Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Propaganda Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Propaganda - Essay Example Or it is being associated with something that is identified as a wrong or incorrect. However, in certain Latin countries, such association is rare rather propaganda is linked with the term of advertising. However, in both the world wars, both sides heavily used the tool of propaganda against each other openly terming their actions something deceptive or something that cannot be trusted. Additionally, intent is a necessary condition for the purpose of propaganda (Cunningham, 2002). Propaganda is based certain characteristics- such as time, total, truth, trust and trigger. Each element of propaganda is separately usable both in wartime as well as in peacetime. Basically, propaganda is a type of persuasion determined and implemented to keep a targeted audience to think in the required way. And it is used to target on the emotional side of the targeted audience rather than on the logical and argumentative side. As most of the time propaganda does not look logical, some propaganda techniq ues are used to do so. First, trigger is used like a bandwagon appeal. In which, the audience is emotionally molded in a way to do something because everybody else is having and doing it. It is based on the concept of molding an aggregate behavior and action. Consequently, the audience is asked to follow the trend. Additionally, a stereotype or total concept of propaganda is based on a fixed idea relating to all members of a group. As a result, actions of all group members are observed with only one single but total idea and on the basis of it, the members of the group cannot be separately identified. Additionally, trust is established when a testimonial comes from a personal recommendation of a famous or renowned personality from or the one who can be trusted because of its position or bearing on to the topic. It can be a personality, institution or anything else on which mostly creditability is attached. As a result, trust is established and used. It can be used for either negativ e or positive propaganda. However, most of the time, in advertising campaigns such characteristics of propaganda is used to achieve the desired outcomes. In the given picture, a non-verbal propaganda may be used with integration propaganda. Integration propaganda is defined as an attempt to depict the interests and positions represented by officials, who support a particular propaganda message. It is an American flag carrying words â€Å"Thank you.† Now, nothing is appearing anything suggesting being a part of propaganda. There is no extra message written on it. It would have been a propaganda message if it had certain words or sentences like ones mentioned at, where certain historical posters are provided on which a flag with additional words or sentences are written in a way to propagate certain information such as â€Å"HELP THE BOYS TO KEEP THEM RUNNING† (Civilization. Ca, n.d). Additionally, above mentioned sentence is not only provided wit h some soldiers, but also it is being shown that they are in trouble, they are being fired by the enemy forces and they must be helped. Such propaganda posters represent the way propaganda should take place as they have certain emotional attachment and emotional appeal as well. On the other hand, the given picture holds nothing

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